We are excited to share information about our various packages. We hope you find one that is ideal for you and possibly your loved ones. We are proud to offer different options and we pride ourselves on not charging you for what you may not need. Simply “add on” additional services if you think you could benefit from additional tools. 

Our Services

Services Disclaimer

So that you don't waste your time or ours, we would like to highlight a few points:

  • We are NOT a weight loss service. Our focus is on helping those with medical challenges. 
  • We do NOT diagnose medical conditions  or prescribe medications in any way shape or form.
  • We do NOT offer quick fixes of any sort.  
  • We do focus on holistic care, which means that we look beyond the physical symptoms, so if you do not believe in the “body, mind, spirit” connection to illness, we will not be a good fit. 

Journey to Wellness Packages

It's time to embark on the Next New phase of your journey!

Please read about our services offered below.

1:1 Health Counseling

A program tailored to your unique needs and goals to enhance your health and wellness according to your definition.  

Buddy Up

Grab a buddy and buy 1 program and get 1/2 off the second person and split the savings. 

A Family Affair

Get the whole family involved in the journey to health. 

Would you set out on a JOURNEY without the essentials?

We want you to have all of the necessary tools for your success!

Package Ad-Ons

Check out the add-ons below to see if they might aid you in your health journey!

Kitchen Cabinet Clean-out

Coach Leti will come and educate you on what’s in your kitchen and its effects on your health. 

Shopping Smart

Coach Leti will take a trip with only you to the supermarket! This is a 1:1 service for up to 2 hours. 

Cooking Lessons

Coach Leti will come to your house and teach you the basics of putting together healthy meals.  Check out some of her recipes HERE

Not Convinced Our Services Can Help?

Your possible reservations:

  •  The cost is high, how can I know the services are worth my hard-earned money? 
  • I don’t want or need to have someone tell me what I can and can’t eat!
  • I don’t want someone yelling at me or making me feel bad for food or health choices that I have made!
  • I know how to eat right, my doctor told me what to do!
  •  I don’t know if I’m ready to commit and I don’t want to deal with another salesperson!

Our response:

  • Coach Leti offers experience in working with over 200 clients in the health coach capacity with many different medical conditions. She has experienced successes with her clients that speak for themselves. We offer various discounts that can be stacked and lastly, our services come with a guarantee. Please contact us if you would like details. 
  • Coach Leti does NOT tell you what to eat!
  • We assure you that Coach Leti is not going to treat you with judgment, she understands that nobody is perfect! She coaches with compassion and empathy for people living with chronic illness because she personally knows the challenges! 
  • Coach Leti respects what you know and what you know about your own body. A BIG part of her service is offering support to those attempting to change habits. Secondly, she enjoys learning from her clients and appreciates that sometimes they are able to teach her something that can benefit other clients.
  • If you are unsure if you are ready but are curious, simply call to speak with Coach Leti without doing the Health History Consult. She will be happy to answer questions. This site is loaded with information and more will be added frequently, simply visit again or follow Coach Leti on social media to get tips, recipes to keep up with the latest science. We are confident our services sell themselves so we don’t have to, nor do we want to. We are only interested in helping those that want help
Services Yoga

Benefits of Services

Improved Health

Clients that have a clearer understanding of their conditions and medications are able to connect how better care for themselves which leads to an improvement in physical and mental health. 75-87% of clients have shown an improvement in such labs test as the A1C, and cholesterol in just three months.

Decreased Pain & Stress

As clients find small successes that lead to larger successes, self-confidence grows, and stress slowly decreases. Clients also learn how to better prioritize and balance the "pillars of health" according to their own desires, also leading to increased satisfaction and overall happiness in life. As all of these changes are happening, clients tend to find a decrease in their daily pain levels. This also affords them the ability to find joy in life's simple moments.

Increased Energy

With the progression of all that is mentioned above, increased energy is usually a welcomed outcome.

Most Popular Questions

Bio-individuality means that each and every person biology is different. Each person has different biological make-up, their metabolism is different, blood type is different, genetics are different and when all of this and more are mixed together it makes each person unique. This is why a “one size fits all” diet doesn’t work, medical treatment for the same disorder won’t work, and even why some people can do the same exact exercise and won’t get the same results. If you’d like to read more about this fascinating subject click on the following link:

Absolutely NOT! If we follow the rule of “bio-individuality”, then I would say you must pay attention to how you feel your body reacts and feels after eating meat. This is not to say that I think eating meat every day is healthy for anyone, especially cured meats and deli meats. Also look at your labs to see if your cholesterol is within healthy limits. 

I love this question because again we go back to bio-individuality! What diet enables you to feel at your best? Have you tried several diets? Did you notice a difference between them? If you are not sure, then I can work with you to help you determine which diet is going to make you feel your “best” by helping you to learn to listen to your body with confidence. 

My answer will depend on your reasons for wanting juice your fruits and veggies. Do you want to juice because you don’t care for veggies or do you think you simply aren’t getting enough? It is very important to realize that when we eat the whole fruit and or vegetable there are benefits, such as the physical action of our body breaking down the particular food item. Most fruits and veggies offer benefits of fiber that you possibly are not getting enough of in other meals. If you told me that you want to juice because you hate most veggies and that is the only way you are able to get them in your diet, well then juice away!

This again goes back to bio-individuality. Which form of exercise makes you feel the best? If you run and you feel amazing after you run and it does not put your joints at risk for injury because of any disease process then that is for you! If you feel horrible after running and it takes too much out of you then it is not for you, I would say try swimming or biking. 

How do you feel afterwards? What do you think I’m going to say…..YUP “bio-individuality”. If you feel gassy after eating grains then maybe they are not for you but I would like you to focus on your fiber and be sure you’re getting it from some other source. 

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