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How We Can Help You!

We here at New Day Health Journeys specialize in helping clients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, inflammatory joint and gut disorders, better manage their conditions and health from a holistic approach. This means that we don’t only look at symptoms or illness alone, but we consider the whole person, addressing the body, mind, AND spirit!

We work closely with you by providing support, a path to self-discovery, help you connect the dots between your illness and the “pillars of health”, science-based education, tips, and strategies by forming a plan that honors where you are in your health journey, and what you want to accomplish by way of health coaching. 

Our Mission

New Day Health Journeys was born out of the personal experience and health journey of a nurse that has struggled with her own chronic illnesses which began at the age of 16. This personal experience enables her to understand the many challenges of being a patient, such as struggling to learn, understand and cope with chronic illness and its many effects on the many aspects of a person’s life. 

Over the years, she has learned there are some things that you can’t rely on doctors for because they simply don’t have the time for a 15-minute office visit. Which is one of the reasons she actually became a nurse, as it is usually up to the nurses to advocate for, and educate the patients about illnesses, and medications. 

Click HERE to learn more about Coach Leti’s health journey!

Navigating the health journey
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Our Goals, Your Goals

One of our first objectives is to get an understanding of how you define health and well being. Then we work on how long it’s been since you’ve felt that way, healthy, well, happy, and balanced. Once you are able to define your goals, the work begins! This is a highly individualized process even if there are two clients with the same disease such as diabetes. 

As has been the experience of the health coach, one client may prioritize lowering their A1C, while another client may prioritize being able to walk 2 miles a day. Neither goal is wrong or less important but THIS is the difference when working with New Day Health Journeys, we honor both of these clients wishes just the same and know that both of these goals will get each client to a healthier state of being.

Now to discuss some of our goals as an organization, which are, to help you find within yourself what INSPIRES you and motivates you to live your best life. We want you to have a thorough understanding of your health conditions and medications but beyond that, we also want you to understand how balance or imbalance among the pillars of health plays a factor in your condition.   

How Do You Define Health & well being?

Health and well being are defined differently depending on a person’s age, culture, health status, education, economic status, and many other factors. 

A person’s DEFINITION is, therefore, likely to CHANGE as their age, circumstances, and surroundings change. 

Hence, we here at New Day Health Journeys understand this concept and HONOR each person’s UNIQUE circumstance and view!

These photos represent how each of these individuals might define "HEALTH & WELL BEING".
Which photos most resonate with your own definition of "health & well being"?

A major component to the path of well being is finding the right balance among the

"Pillars of Health"

which are:
Sleep & Rest


when you have a chronic illness,

attaining balance among these pillars of health is NOT easy!


We have a health counselor that has
first hand experience

in understanding this complexity!

I'm waiting for you to reach out!
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I will take you by the hand and give you the support you need so you can make the necessary changes to get to the other side of feeling better and
in control of your chronic illness and life!

Coach Leti

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and where it is you want to go, in other words what your GOALS ARE!
She will then let you know what it will take to get you there! This can be done by phone or zoom, according to your preference.

(The purpose of the Health History Consult is not to push you into buying a program but to give the coach a chance to honestly assess if and how she can help you as well as a chance for you both to get a feel for comfort and compatibility.)

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